lition blockchain

The standard blockchain infrastructure for business

Deletable blockchain protocol


Unlimited public/private sidechains

Made for regulated, fast,
and private data


Your data kept private

Sensitive data is stored on private sidechains. Quantum-computer safe


Built for Security Token Offerings

Made for European regulated STOs. Designed in cooperation with the German Government.


Regulation-proof and deletable

Store your private data only as long as you consent. Fully compliant with EU data privacy regulations


Infinitely scalable and low-priced

Every new sidechain increases throughput. Smart contract executions for $0,01 with 3-sec block confirmation times.


Built on live P2P application

Our blockchain is steadily evolving thanks to our experience with Lition's energy trading dApp - the world's first to launch in a mass market.


Built with exclusive partnerships

Cross-industry use cases and applications made possible through the invaluable expertise and support of key industry players.




In addition to the use cases for the energy industry, any sector involving regulated, private data at high throughput will benefit from the new technology


Currently, medical patient data is scattered. A great deal of effort is required to collect and settle insurance claims. With our blockchain solution, this sensitive data that is used for the claim process can be centrally stored on a private sidechain to which only doctors and insurance companies have access. After the claim, the patient can delete the data on the private sidechain, ensuring efficiency and privacy at all times.


Data privacy is crucial across the pharmaceutical industry. The research, development, and clinical testing data required for approval of new drugs by public institutions like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and private patient data concerning illnesses, medication, and family medical history require absolute confidentiality. However, relevant parties still need access to that sensitive information. With the new Lition mainnet, confidential data will be stored on a private sidechain, providing access to involved parties, and allowing for deletion of private patient data when no longer required.


Odometer manipulation is a major issue in second-hand car sales in most countries. With the Lition blockchain, anonymous movement data can be stored on a private sidechain, ensuring privacy of the vehicle holder and fraud protection upon purchase. Furthermore, movement data may also be on a private sidechain, especially used in a smart city context.

Enterprise Data Management

Global data breaches will amount to USD 2.1 trillion by 2019. As data exchange between enterprises is necessary, privacy and security is extremely crucial. The Lition blockchain offers privacy, security, and trusted data exchange. Decentralized data storage, limited availability of private data, and highly restricted access prevents continuous data theft and sabotage.


Growing usage and distribution of digital media requires transparent and secure systems concerning copyright protection and compensation for originators. Originators’ details, e.g. specific info on content, sources, age restriction, etc. can be displayed in a private sidechain, along with personal user data such as buyers’ bank data to compensate the originator directly via the blockchain.

Bond Finance

Corporate bonds require myriad approvals (e.g. credit scores, balance sheets) and middlemen (for settlement, custody, etc.). Lition's blockchain enables decentralized storage of all prerequisites for a loan, plus automated smart contract issuance. Furthermore, after the bond has been issued, partial or all private data can be deleted.

Warehousing/ Logistics

The Lition blockchain allows for public storage of inventory data, such as stock items, certificates of origin, quantities, prices, complaints, etc. Linking this information to a private sidechain with purchaser information can automate payment procedures, increase efficiency on restocking, optimize transportation, improve material quality, and improve response to supply and demand.


Common search engines for hotels, flights, and rental cars operate as middlemen between the customer and partners of the tourism industry, causing unnecessary costs on both sides. With the Lition mainnet solution, all offers can be stored on a public blockchain. The customers’ private information during the booking process (date of travel, prices, bank data, etc.) is held on a private sidechain, where payment procedures and travel details are kept anonymous and secure.

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