Can everyone get a token?
Provided that the token purchase meets your country's legal regulations, anyone can get the token. Currently, we exclude US and Chinese citizens.
Do I need to provide KYC documents?
We reserve the right to do so, more details are available on our crowd sale website once released. Further information is available on our whitepaper.
Do you have bounty program? What is the bounty subject?
We are considering a bounty program. The campaign will be carried out ca. 1 month before the ICO. When applicable, it will be announced on our social media channels and on The bounty program will leverage our token sales and focuses on the most relevant media channels. For further details feel free to join our Telegram group:
Do you have funding cap?
Yes, there will be a funding cap of $ 8 mn.
I want to invest significant funds. Will I have some privileges?
Special considerations are possible and can be tailored directly with the Lition leadership.
In what currencies do you accept payments?
In the private pre-sale for selected investors we accept Fiat, Bitcoin and Ether. During public sale, we accept Bitcoin and Ether.
What do I need from my side to purchase tokens?
You need a valid ETH adress. If you don't have an ETH wallet already you need to set-up one. E.g.: Myetherwallet.
What is the minimum and maximum entry limit?
The limits will be provided along with the public sale details on
What will happen if you raise less money than you need?
Given the extensive experience of the founding team as managing directors of energy companies with >1 bn USD revenue, the funding targets are well backed by experience making an underspend unlikely. We will nevertheless strive to achieve our business objectives with less money. Find more detailes in our whitepaper.
What will happen to unsold tokens?
The unsold tokens will be burned, everything will be transparently communicated through our social media channels and website.
What will you use the raised money for?
The raised funds will be used for development of the blockchain protocol, regional expansion of existing use cases, as well as Compliance, Legal, Administration & Finance tasks.
When will your ICO start?
The public ICO will start later this year. Details will be announced on our social media channels and our website
Where can I see the progress of your ICO and the amount of money you already raised?
Currently, we are  accepting investments from selected, invitation-only investors that have the opportunity to participate early, before the widespread media attention starts. Once we launch our public sale, we will inform on progress through our social media channels and our website
Will you organize a pre-sale of the tokens?
Yes, the private pre-sale is currently ongoing for selected investors on invitation-only basis. The public pre-sale and crowd sale will be held in February-March 2019.

Lition Blockchain

How many sidechains will exist in the Lition Network?
Potentially infinite; the more developers and companies are using our ecosystem, the more sidechains are created.
Lition Energy Exchange is based on which blockchain network?
The Lition Blockchain application is initially running on the Ethereum public blockchain. With industry leaders and exclusive advisory of SAP, Lition is developing a unique blockchain which works not only for the energy sector but for all regulated markets.
Lition is based on which blockchain network?
The Lition Blockchain application is initially running on the Ethereum public blockchain, but currently migrating the Ethereum main net architecture to Hyperledger Fabric. Moreover, with industry leaders and exclusive advisory of SAP, Lition is developing a unique proprietary blockchain which works not only for the energy sector but for all regulated markets.
What do you need the blockchain for?
The proprietary Lition blockchain is needed for all uses cases that handle private data, but still wish to be publicly available. Further, the blockchain is needed for cases that need deletion of data, as required in most regulatory environments. A full overview of all benefits, incl. fast block confirmation times, infinite scalability or low transaction costs is available at and the technical whitepaper.
What is a private/public blockchain? What do you need it for?
A public blockchain network is open for anyone to participate, data on public blockchains can be accessed by anyone within the network. Participating a private blockchain requires an invitation or permission. Private blockchain data access is limited to the parties given specific permission. E.g.: Lition's Energy Exchange requires both public and private chains, as i.e. power plants' prices need to be public, but customers' consumption data is not meant to be visible for the public.
What is your consensus algorithm?
Our concept is based on a Proof-of-Stake consens mechanism with two types of nodes; public nodes with access to the mainchain and public sidechains, and privileged nodes with access to private sidechains. For this a special permission by the sidechain owner and agreement to terms of service is necessary. A full overview is available on and especially the technical whitepaper.
What makes the private sidechain so secure?
Private sidechains can only be created by trusted privileged nodes pre-authorized by the sidechain owner. Except both parties no one else can access data on this very sidechain. They have to accept terms of service and vouch with staked tokens for lawful behavior. On request, privileged nodes delete date from private sidechains, i.e. when the customer's contract expired.
Why do you need private chains and deletable data features?
Depending on the very nature of data that is stored onchain, different levels of privacy are required. As Lition aims to be the blockchain standard for business and STOs it needs to be fully compliant with privacy laws e.g.: GDPR in Europe. Hence, features like deletion of sensible information is crucial.
Why is Lition developing a new blockchain infrastructure?
Lition aims to bring blockchain technology from its current hype-driven, speculation-fueled state with mostly pilot projects into mainstream commercial use. Currently, no chain fulfills all requirements needed for commercial use e.g.: scalability, compliancy with privacy laws, deletability features.


Can I transfer tokens from your service?
Yes, you can deposit your tokens in any Ethereum wallet, such as Myetherwallet. Additionally, Lition Tokens holders will have the ability to exchange them into Bitcoin and Ether using exchanges, which we will ensure closer to the public sale.
Do early investors need to get whitelisted? When and where?
It is not necessary – however who gets whitelisted has a higher chance to be able to invest. You can get whitelisted on our website from now on until February the 15th.
Do the tokens comply with ERC20 standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?
Until token swap our token is ERC20 compliant and can be transferred to a third-party ETH wallet.
How can I buy your tokens? What is the payment processing time? What are the fees?
During the public sale, tokens can be bought only through the links provided on our website There are no fees for the participant – every dime results in Lition tokens.
How do you ensure protection for the token owners?
We take our token holders' security very seriously, which is why their accounts are protected on many levels:
  • Payment security: We use the most secure payment processing methods. Payments in cryptocurrencies are secured by the blockchain technology. Payments in fiat currency are accepted only via a wire transfer, where the international banking system and our leading European partner bank ensures their security.
  • Smart contract security: Lition uses robust and tested token smart contracts and works with industry-leading institutions to ensure maximum security for all token holders.
How many tokens will exist, how many (%) are sold on the markets and what are the biggest reasons for the token’s value to increase over time?
160 mn, 50% - The value is increasing because of the rising demand for our token whilst the supply is constant. What drives the demand is the primary token uses such as payment for transactions (gas), staking for correct network behavior, the spawning of private sidechains by dApp developers (token rent) as well as the support of host tokens of companies and ICOs.
How much will the token cost?
Our token will cost USD 0.10.
How secure is the storage of tokens?
Fully secure. The vast majority of the system's tokens are kept in cold storage, and we ensure the strict safety procedures. Account access in secured with two-factor verification which prevents unauthorized access.
Is Lition an utility token?
Yes, Lition is an utility token.
What are the main factors that can positively or negatively affect the demand of the token in the future?
Our blockchain is supported by industry leaders and co-innovated with SAP. What drives the demand is the primary token uses such as payment for transactions (gas), staking for correct network behavior, the spawning of private sidechains by dApp developers (token rent) as well as the support of host tokens of companies and ICOs. The unique features of Lition's blockchain enable tokenized implementations in many more businesses. Next to the use cases for the energy industry, any sector involving regulated, private data at high throughput will benefit from the new technology. For details please read our whitepaper here:
What do I need tokens for?
Tokens are used to pay for all transactions on Lition's Energy Exchange platform, staking for correct network behavior and the creation of private sidechains. Hence, token demand increases with every new customer, every new power plant, every daily transaction, every new miner.
What is a security token?
It is a token that is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value. Theoretically, it is possible to tokenize any kind of asset, the most common use of this new protocol is to tokenize the shares of a company through an STO.
What is a security?
A security is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that holds some type of monetary value
What is an STO (Security Token Offering)?
A security token offering (STO) is similar to a traditional IPO. In the blockchain space it is a new tool that can be used to raise fund by selling tokenized securities. E.g.: tokenize equity shares of a company.
What will happen to my investments if the tokens will be banned or become the subject for legal regulation?
As our ICO and token design has a formal approval from the government of Liechtenstein, our emitting country, Lition can provide far more safeguards than almost any other ICO. Liechtenstein has just officially launched their blockchain constitution and stated tokens will not in any case be banned if they have the approval of the state.
Who distributes tokens, and how quickly will I receive them after the end of the initial offer (Token Launch)?
Token distribution details will be announced closer to the ICO on our media channels and our website You will receive your tokens ca. 2-4 weeks after ICO.
Will there be a token swap, and if so, when?
Our funds are raised on the Ethereum blockchain with a ERC20 token. Once the Lition blockchain mainnet is launched, there will be an atomic token swap. Further details will be announced on our media channels and our website

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