Lition`s security platform

STO & Asset Tokenization


Lition’s scalable layer 2 solution can facilitate legally compliant Security Token Offerings (STOs). To meet GDPR requirements, sensitive data (such as ownership of the security) is kept private and can be deleted. Less sensitive data (such as the nature of the security) is stored publicly.

Legal Expertise

Lition is advising the German government on the legislative proposal aiming to regulate security tokenization, thus supporting the EU’s move towards the recognition of blockchain-based securities as legitimate financial instrument. Find out more:

Key Partnerships

Lition has confirmed cooperation and technology partnership with Tokeny, which, as a platform, is delivering institutional grade solutions in the issuance, lifecycle management and secondary trading of digital securities.



Lition’s tech platform enables enterprise to easily launch STOs with 100% data security and privacy. This is made possible through the combination of state of the art technology, advanced legal expertise and key partnerships within the sector.

*Featuring GDPR compliance.

REAL-World Assets

Asset Tokenization

Design and tokenize your assets in a few steps. Lition’s platform makes it possible to easily tokenize your shares, virtual or physical goods and digital assets.

Choose between non-fungible (NFT) and fungible (FT) tokens, depending on what fits your business needs best.

Key Benefits

Security Trading

Tokenizing your assets on Lition’s platform allows for the trading of securities without any third party involvement.

Legal Compliance

On Lition’s STO platform, everyone will be able to issue security tokens in a legally compliant way.

Borderless Bonds Trading

European-wide regulations will soon permit the legally-binding tokenization of bonds.

Fractional Ownership

Security tokenization enables the subdivision of assets into smaller units, making them easily tradable.

Streamlined Financial Sector

Blockchain-created trusted environments cut out unnecessary middlemen. No more financial centres and broker accounts.

Global Investments

Enables small and medium size enterprises to raise capital by significantly lowering the associated transaction costs.