lition's STO platform

STOs platform: tokenize your asset on Lition's blockchain


Lition is already known for its active role in shaping blockchain-related laws with the Government; further details in this article. Lition strongly believes that blockchain-based technologies combined with sound regulations can make the finance system more efficient and open. 

Asset tokenization through STOs will:

  • Lower the entry barriers into the financial system for retail investors, providing an easy-to-access new asset class.
  • Facilitate small/medium size enterprises to raise capital, lowering significantly the cost of such processes thanks to the tokenization of assets.
  • The trusted environment that blockchain technology creates, cuts out unnecessary middlemen, thus, transaction costs fall accordingly.   
    Permit retail and institutional investors to trade stocks, shares and any other tokenized assets in a less time-consuming way.

The disclosure and real-world adoption of the above-mentioned technology, along with the legal framework, will give the whole finance ecosystem a new dynamic economic boost; leading to new opportunities and to an inevitable competitive advantage for all the actors involved in shaping modern society: from governments, multinational corporations, medium-size enterprises down to the general public. As for now, Lition aims to place itself as the reference platform to issue security tokens in Europe. No other project has the advantage to shape the regulatory framework while developing the platform; on top of that, Lition has a co-innovation agreement with the tech giant SAP.  

Use cases


Security trading 

Tokenizing your asset on Lition’s platform enables to trade securities without any third party involved.


Legally compliant

On Lition’s STO platform everyone will be able to issue security tokens in a legally compliant way.


Borderless bonds trading

Soon legally-binding regulations valid for all European countries will permit bonds tokenization.


Fractional ownership

Security token enables to subdivide an asset in smaller units. E.g. an art piece can be split easily in units and be traded globally.


Streamline the financial sector

The trusted environment that blockchain technology creates, cuts out unnecessary middlemen. No more financial centers and broker accounts.


Attract global investors

Facilitate small/medium size enterprises to raise capital by lowering significantly the transaction costs for capital raising processes.