lition ecosystem

Spanning the globe with the smart
energy grid of the future


Lition believes that blockchain-based technologies can make the energy sector greener, more transparent and more efficient. The working blockchain-based peer to peer energy trading use case has proven it. Now Lition is using this knowledge to build an ecosystem for the smart energy age. Together with leading partners we are developing new use cases on electric vehicle charging stations and we have a working smart meter integration. We are further partnering with energy partners to bring the proven peer to peer energy use case into further countries, so more customers can benefit from a direct connection to their chosen power plant. Together with the underlying, currently developed proprietary blockchain infrastructure, this enables an evolution into a global energy ecosystem for the smart energy age.

Use cases


P2P Trading (launched)

The world’s first mass market P2P energy trading platform, connects renewable energy producers with smart consumers directly. Enabling truly green energy purchases of your choice (producer and source).


Settlement (launched)

On the Lition Energy Exchange supply and demand is matched using smart contracts. Through the use of our blockchain based dApp, Lition bypasses middle men, offering record low tariffs for green energy.


Location + congestion specific pricing

Prices offered via P2P trading have a variable portion considering distance and real-time congestion of the energy grid. This also encourages flexible demand-shaping to relieve the grid in peak hours.


Energy flow optimization in smart grids

Our blockchain DSM enables bi-directional energy flows. Our technology extends the grids capabilities and our pricing motivates to cut back use and perform what is called peak curtailment or peak leveling.


Energy data driven recommendations (pilot ready)

Our smart meter identifies household appliances through energy flows. Customers save energy and money. Smart home features and AI-data driven product recommendations are further app services.


Global certificate of origin trading (pilot ready)

Our blockchain infrastructure and the trustless environment are ideal for certificate of origin trading. It also simplifies the process by taking out middle-men. The trusted guarantee can be scaled globally.